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URGENT Creative Therapy Space Appeal

Cotswold Care Hospice has been incredibly fortunate to receive a £116,693 grant from the Department of Health for an ambitious project to extend our creative therapy space.

Supporting people with a life-limiting illness from diagnosis and throughout their journey, we have developed a range of specialist care services to support each person.

One such example is our thriving creative therapy programme. Our patients use art to explore their emotions, hopes and fears and to express those feelings for which they may not be able to find words. Our patients speak all the time of the benefits that creative therapy provides. However, the demand from our patients far outstretched our capacity many months ago.

We now need to expand the creative therapy room if we are to offer this service for the growing number of people who need our help, and in future to offer new activities such as music, drama and creative writing.

Thanks to this grant we have been given, we can extend this very special facility with an extension. However, the grant only covers a proportion of the money we need.

We have a shortfall of £54,915. Without your help we will not be able to build the creative therapy extension our patients so desperately need. Please donate whatever you can today.

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Below is a stained glass window created by Vera who used to spend time in our creative therapy space. Vera's husband Mal treasures this piece of artwork dearly.

Stained glass window

Mal"My wife Vera loved the art space. She got a lot of peace and contentment there and so looked forward to going to day hospice. In the art space she could concentrate on what she was working on and forget the illness. This piece of stained glass hangs in the living room window and catches the morning sun. The other piece of stained glass hangs in the bedroom where it catches the evening sun and the harvest moon. When I see the sun shining through this glass I can feel her sitting beside me now. She had a serenity I've never seen in anyone else. Vera would be delighted to be part of the campaign to expand the art space. She often said it wasn't big enough. It meant such a lot to her."

Due to our limited space, we can't fulfil the huge demand for creative art therapies. You could make a real difference to the lives of people like Vera and Mal by donating to this appeal.

The builders are on standby to be on site on 3rd June - we have planning permission approved, architectural drawings agreed and everything in place to start this incredible project. We just need your help.


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Thank you for your kindness. It will go a long way in supporting the people of Gloucestershire.