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Cotswold Care Hospice
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A special message

You do not have to struggle on your own, says Sian Cole, head of care services, at Cotswold Care Hospice.


How we can help you

Cotswold Care Hospice is here to help and support people through one of the most difficult times of their lives.


Outpatient services

People can access many of the hospice's services through outpatients, thus deciding when they want to attend. You can also attend a variety of clinics here, rather than travelling to hospital.

The supportive outpatients’ services are here to help our patients, their carers and their families.

The needs of each person are different – and so, to be most effective, our treatment for each person is closely tailored to those needs.


Support for carers

The needs of carers are often overlooked, but are very real. Helping someone who is ill can be emotionally and physically exhausting.


Patient information leaflets

Cotswold Care Hospice provides a wide range of services, free of charge, to people living with a life-threatening illness and to their families and carers. Download leaflets about these services here.

How to get help

You can refer yourself to gain access to most of the services offered by Cotswold Care Hospice. You can also be referred by your medical consultant, GP, district nurse or palliative care nurse.


Day hospice

Cotswold Care Hospice offers a 'day therapy’ service where people attend once a week for a three-month period, which can be extended.


Hospice at Home

Many people, when faced with a life-limiting illness, wish to spend their remaining days at home. Hospice at Home is a specialist nursing service which enables a person to be cared for at home.


Spiritual support

Cotswold Care Hospice’s ethos of caring for the ‘whole person’ recognises that spiritual care is as important as caring for physical and emotional needs.


Bereavement support

The role of Cotswold Care Hospice is far from over when someone has died. We can also help people come to terms with their loss.


User feedback

A modern hospice is about creating services that meet patients' needs in a way that suits them best. That is why user involvement is at the core of Cotswold Care Hospice and everything we do.



Cotswold Care Hospice runs special courses to support and inform patients and those caring for someone with a life-limiting illness.



Coming to terms with a life-limiting illness is a distressing experience for the person involved and their loved ones. Cotswold Care Hospice offers counselling for carers and patients.


What you say about us

Jayne Knowles-Smith is 50 and suffering from chronic heart disease. She is determined not to let it rule her life. Here she talks about why life is so precious and how Cotswold Care Hospice is supporting her.



Palliative care is about quality of life and includes rehabilitation.  Cotswold Care Hospice has a physiotherapist who works with the day therapy team.


Cotswold Care - Your guide to services

Cotswold Care Hospice has published a new guide to hospice services.

Transport for patients

Cotswold Care Hospice can provide some transport support for patients.