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Cotswold Care Hospice
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Who and how to refer

The Cotswold Care Hospice provides both supportive and palliative care to any patients, relatives and carers aged 18 years or over, with a potentially life-limiting condition. Any such illness can be considered, including those that are oncological, neurological, circulatory and respiratory in nature.


Education and training facilities

Our experienced and welcoming course leaders deliver sessions on a range of topics related to palliative care, that will give you the confidence and knowledge to apply your new skills in your job. We also offer courses for carers.


Day therapy

Day Therapy provides a safe and comfortable environment in which to socialise with others in a similar situation. As well as providing a base for the day it also gives access to activities and therapies available through the Hospice Team.

With extensive experience as a Day Therapy unit, our service accommodates up to 17 people a day.


Outpatients' services

Cotswold Care Hospice has a range of outpatient services and many people choose to access these services as it gives them the flexibility to plan and manage their lives around existing commitment such as home, work or medical treatment.



Cotswold Care Hospice provides a Counselling Service which focuses on the needs of individuals who are experiencing emotional difficulties as a result of life-limiting illness.


Research and development

Cotswold Care Hospice is proud to be expanding its services - touching the lives of even more people in Gloucestershire.


Referral forms

The range of forms health professionals will need to refer patients to the free services at Cotswold Care Hospice.


Hospice at Home

Hospice at Home is a skilled team of nurses and healthcare assistants trained to give nursing care to adult patients with any life-limiting condition in their home setting. 


Bereavement support

Bereavement support is offered to the families and carers of all those clients who were accessing any of the services of the Hospice around the time of their death.


Meet the care team

Cotswold Care Hospice's multi-disciplinary team are committed to providing the highest stanadards of palliative care.


What the professionals say about our service

The care team at Cotswold Care Hospice works closely with health care professionals within the National Health Service.


Hospice at Home

Many people, when faced with a life-limiting illness, wish to spend their remaining days at home. Hospice at Home is a specialist nursing service which enables a person to be cared for at home.


Transport for patients

Cotswold Care Hospice can provide some transport support for patients.

Evaluating the need

Cotswold Care Hospice carried out a questionnaire to evaluate the provision of current specialist palliative care provision in Gloucestershire.